We are excited to now be located at 2901 4th Street North in St Petersburg (across from The Fresh Market).

We are providing services for you to explore, experience and enjoy massage to take away stress, and revitalize your body.

It is now the Holiday Season,  whether you are preparing Thanksgiving dinner for a crowd or pressed with the fourth quarter deadlines.  We are here to offer a peaceful moment, a relaxation massage, or series of sessions for  stress and pain relief.

If you don’t have the time to get away from your desk, then we can come to you for a 15 minute body break with a chair massage session or if you need to just get out of the office schedule an appointment to fit your schedule.  We offer flexible appointments for lunch breaks and before and after work with a variety of menu services.

We also offer Gift Certificates, Fun Massage Parties, and Specialty products to relax at home.